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Rainbow Netball League In Drive Against Drug & Substance Abuse

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Rainbow Netball League chairperson Melody Garikai

The Rainbow Netball League will on Monday hold an interactive anti-drug and substance abuse awareness campaign on WhatsApp to educate athletes on the dangers of the vices which have the danger of ending sporting careers.

Rainbow Netball League vice secretary
general Precious Mudenge who is leading the campaign said the increasing drug and substance abuse among the youths in the country is a threat to sports development which should be eradicated.

“As Rainbow Netball League, we have taken this initiative to safeguard our athletes and women in sport against drug abuse which has become rampant in the communities,” Mudenge said.

“We are targeting all women in sports because we have realised that they bear the brunt of drug abuse more as some end up having unwanted pregnancies. There are a lot of pressures that affects the athletes like peer pressure and the pressure to perform and end up using performance enhancing substance.”

Mudenge also highlighted that they are also targeting coaches since they are the ones who spend more time with players and are quick to notice changes in behaviour and performance.

“This is not going to be a one day event but it’s going to be an ongoing process because there are lots of areas to tackle. Coaches know the players better because they spent more time with them, so we are also involving them in this campaign. We want this gospel to be preached at every turn so that we tackle this demon called drug abuse.”

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