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ZIFA Account Emptied Over USD$500k Debt

ZIFA Account Emptied
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The Zimbabwe Football Association has been left penniless after their account was garnished of US$90 000 by former administrator Lazarus Mhurushomana who won US$500 000 payout against the association in a long standing dispute.

Mhurushomana who was retrenched by ZIFA in 2004 had a long running battle with association demanding salary areas and fuel allowances owed to him which have accumulated interest over the years.

The former administrative secretary first won his case against ZIFA in 2013 getting arbitral award of US$1560 monthly salary and US$200 telephone allowances and was awarded US$518 331 with interest, which had not been worked out in warrant of seizure which was issued out on September 2.

Zifa is also compelled to pay the costs which include US$4 000 service fee, inventories (US$2 500), transport (US$3 206) and US$400 which is listed as other.

Mhurushomana claimed gross salary of US$235 029,34 for the period February 2004 to 2009, US$12 400 telephone allowance for 62 months and US$9 920 fuel allowance for 62 months.

He is also entitled to his salary for the period between July 2010 and December 2017 at a rate of US$1 500 per month, bringing the total to US$18 000.

He further claimed 18 months’ salary, fuel amounting to US$17 280 for the period July 2011 to December 2017.

The writ of execution compelled Mhurushomana to attach ZIFA’s property: “You are required and directed to attach and take into execution the movable goods of Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) the above mentioned defendant of Zifa House, Number 53 Livingston venue Harare and of the same cause to be realised the sum of US$518 331,18 which plaintiff recovered by order of this court dated September 13, 2013 in the above mentioned suit, and also other costs charges of the plaintiff in the said suit hereinafter duly taxed according to law, besides all your costs hereby incurred,” read part of the writ.

Mhurushomana is likely to attach the three ZIFA buses, a small car and office equipment as the association doesn’t have the capacity to pay him since they are no longer receiving grants from CAF and FIFA due to the suspension of Zimbabwe from FIFA.

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